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Canadian Residential Inspection Services Fredericton

61 McMinnan Ct, Fredericton NB E3B 8S5

logo (1).pngBuying a home? Then you need a home inspection. Our company has been performing home inspections across Canada for over 27 years. Providing home inspections by certified home inspector Gilles LaPlante in Fredericton, NB and area. Ask how you can win your inspection free. more

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Targett's Window & Door

808 St. Mary's Street P.O. Box 3527 Stn. B Fredericton, NB E3A 5J8

2018-01-23_173437.jpgTargett's has the most complete "interactive" showroom of its kind in the industry today, bar none! When you're thinking about "windows & doors" come to Targett's. Experience shopping (from one of the largest selection of products), like you never have experienced before. more

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Casey Butler Roofing Ltd

8 Kaine Street Fredericton, NB E3A 4B9

2018-01-24_075436.jpgAt Casey Butler Roofing Ltd., we are committed to quality workmanship. That’s why we provide a guarantee on our service. We take great pride in our exemplary performance as roofing contractors and pay close attention to customer satisfaction. We are sure you will be satisfied with our work or we... more

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Lavigne Roofers Inc.

Fredericton, NB E3A 1C0

2018-01-23_170459.jpgLocally owned and operated in Rusagonis, Lavigne Roofers Inc. has been active in the Greater Fredericton area since 1996. We provide residential roofing and specialize in fiberglass shingles. If you’re in need of roofing services, we offer everything from reroofing to snow and ice removal. more

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Capital City Roofing Ltd.

P.O. Box 3447, Stn B Fredericton, NB E3A 5H2

A leaking roof can create a lot of damage very fast. You cannot afford that. We are here to provide you with professional work, expert advice and the best value for the money. more

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A&R Rentals

426 Hodgson Road Fredericton B E3C 2G5

2018-01-23_103427.jpgA&R Rentals is a Fredericton family owned and operated residential rental and property management company. We've been in business for more than 35 years. The company boasts locations throughout Southside Central Fredericton. more

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Skyline Building Management

PO Box 218 Stn. A Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y9

2018-01-23_103246.jpgSkyline Building Management company started in 1998 with the purchase of its first property at 574-578 Forest Hill Rd. Since then we have grown to 170 apartments over four properties offering a wide range of units consisting of bachelor, one and two bedroom units, with an on-call maintenance... more

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370 Rainsford Lane P.O.Box 1374 Fredericton,N.B. E3B 5E3

2018-01-23_101220.jpgVAN WART MANAGEMENT LTD., Is a full service real estate management company providing professional services to both tenants and landlords in the Greater Fredericton Area since 1972. We are committed to providing superior tenant management services and as a result deliver, in a very timely manner,... more

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Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd.

40 Hubbard Rd. Fredericton, NB E3B 6B4

2018-01-23_100658.jpgFamily-owned and operated, Hoyt’s Septic Services Ltd. in Fredericton is your source for complete septic care. From septic tank installation to repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, we do it all. more

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Bird Stairs

670 Wilsey Rd. Fredericton, NB E3B 7K4

2018-01-23_100435.jpgWhether you've only a leaky faucet to fix, or a new home to completely outfit, we're here to help. We're a one stop shop for everything you need from the finishing pieces to plumbing supplies, we've got your covered. more

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Leachmans Plumbing & Heating Ltd

127 Riverside Drive, Fredericton, NB. E3A 3X9

2018-01-23_074417.jpgLeachmans Plumbing & Heating Ltd was founded in Fredericton, NB by Red (Don) Leachman in 1952. He was joined by his brother-in-law Earl Scott in 1956. Over the next few years they became one of the top plumbing and heating companies in the Fredericton area and have been known as Leachmans... more

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The Fredericton CatSpa

45 Biggs St, Fredericton, NB

2018-01-22_091959.jpgThe Fredericton CatSpa is owned and operated by Jan Montgomery, a certified animal lover specializing in the care and protection of felines of all sizes, shapes, descriptions and ages. Jan has volunteered with and is a supporter in good standing of the Fredericton SPCA and the Bide Awhile Animal... more

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DURELLE Pest Management

305 Main St., Fredericton, NB

2018-01-19_162615.jpgDurelle Pest Management offers both residential pest control and commercial pest control services and regular monthly contracts for pest prevention. We cover Fredericton and the surrounding area as well as Woodstock and the surrounding area. more

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Excel Pest Control Ltd.

457 St. Mary's Street Fredericton, NB

2018-01-19_162036.jpgExcel Pest Control, Ltd. is family-owned and operated by Greg and Shelly Ricker. With a focus on customer care, we have been growing steadily, since establishing ourselves in 1999. more

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All World Moving & Storage

77 Peppin Road Fredericton , NB E3B 5Y5

logo_all_world-2.pngAt All World Moving & Storage, we understand all moving situations are different. Our movers take the time to recognize your specific needs including the consideration of your budget needs and scheduling. more

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