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118 Shebrook Street Winnipeg, MB
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It is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you my business and my passion. I have over 21 years of cleaning experience and have been in business for 8 years. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids; a 20 year old and the twins who are 9 years. We are very pleased to give you an insight to the cleaning services we provide. A clean, office, restaurant, lounge area has never been as simplified as we have a great zeal to meet your cleaning needs. It is in our customer mission to say that we are not happy until you are. You will be happy to know that we use Eco-friendly and soft chemicals that are appropriate both for your office area. We are proud of the unprecedented service we offer, because we like to clean for you as thought it is our own. You may review our cleaning tasks and be reassured that we will go above and beyond your expectations. Please accept my greatest gratitude for taking time to read my message and I look forward to being your next cleaning service to call.
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