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Vancouver Pest Control Ltd
3820 Kaslo Street Vancouver BC V5R 2B2
Vancouver Pest Control Ltd offers pest control services in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Surrey and Richmond. Having problems on how to get rid of bed bugs, wasps, ants and other pests in your attic or in any other part of your home? For the removal of these unwanted pests, you can rely on VancouverPest Control Ltd. We provide exterminators who can handle all your pest-related problems at home. We use quality extermination techniques that would ensure the thorough removal of the pest without compromising your family's safety. Vancouver Pest Control Ltd is dedicated to practicing Integrated Pest Management (an approach that implements techniques, like sanitation and pest proofing, to habitat modification, as well as trapping - which all limit chemical control methods) in Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Surrey. Vancouver Pest Control Ltd is adept in all aspects of pest management, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Your Environmentally Effective Solution!
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