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Jay Kimball
Box 55 Mervin, SK S0M 1Y0

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Jay Kimball is an award-winning Artist living in the village of Mervin (SK). His artwork explores a fascination with the interplay of surface, form, and colour. Most of my pieces, he says “begin on the potter’s wheel and then go through a series of textural transformations and surface applications before firing. Kimball carves architectural elements in the wet clay that frame abstract natural forms. He describes this approach as the creation of “delicate moments of tension and flow within the structures. Apart from one constant glaze (designed by Mike Flaherty), other glazes are created intuitively, with years of experience and education guiding the chemical process. His firing method is oxidation cone six electric. This straight forward firing contrasts the complex material manipulation that occurs during construction. Ultimately, he explains, I attempt to create artworks that provoke a visceral experience.
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