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Humane Wildlife Removal Animal & Pest Contro
278 St Clarens Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6H 3W3
SWAT Wildlife is a humane wildlife removal company that specializes in animal removal and pest control in the greater Toronto area. SWAT deals with wildlife, that can be a nuisance to residential, commercial and industrial properties and offers a variety of animal removal and prevention services. SWAT's experienced staff will complete a comprehensive assessment of home exterior's as well as interior attic inspections and backs all work with a written guarantee. We also provide limited clean up, dead animal removal and seasonal eaves trough cleaning. Humane Approach SWAT uses the most humane approach and innovative methods when dealing with problem animals, such as: Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds, Bats, Pigeons, Snakes, Opossums, Rabbits, Chipmunks and more. Upon removal of wildlife SWAT provides preventative services to insure any further intrusion.
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