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Can-Ex Pest Control Inc.
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Nothing gives people the creeps like the presence of unwanted pests. If your space has been invaded by uninvited visitors, you need a reliable pest control specialist to nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse. That's where Can-Ex Pest Control Inc. comes in. As a leading pest control company in Calgary, AB, we work to rid customers of insects, rodents, and the like.
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Question - Bethany Harvest Hills

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Sharel Miller

Your man was out again this week on his usual rounds for us and once again warned us about the drain flies in the kitchen. He told us we had to pour water down the drains every day. The staff have been pouring boiling water down the drains twice a day and our maintenance man poured an orange liquid down too.. and still when he came out he noticed a problem. Is there something else we must do to try and control these drain flies or is it impossible?????