Bergman Lawn Care and Landscaping

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Bergman Lawn Care and Landscaping
5 Oakmont Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2J 2M4, Canada

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Bergman Lawn Care started in May of 2003 when Ed Bergman moved to Winnipeg Manitoba with a dream of working outdoors and running his own business. He bought an old walker mower, 1990 Chevy half ton, a trailer and started cutting grass where ever he could. With a lot of honest hard work and dedication his business began to grow and in 2008 Ed’s two sons, Dustin and Todd, each bought shares in the company to help with the growing business. They expanded into landscaping and became Bergman Landscaping Inc. in 2011. Hard work, honesty and having fun are all characters that Ed is known for, and being a family owned and run company these traits have been passed onto Ed’s sons as well.
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