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5151 de la Savane, Suite 400 Montreal QC H4P 1V1
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The Pomerantz family founded S.P. Holdings Canada in 1980 as an in-house developer and manager of real estate. Burgeoning growth has taken the company to an organization 20 times its original size, becoming a multi-national, vertically integrated real estate group led by T.R.A.M.S Property Management and boasting an executive team with a collective 200 years of experience. T.R.A.M.S Management has extended the family’s original vision to provide a full range of services to the real estate sector across the continent. Our management has earned a reputation that has given us recognition as a major player in our field in Canada. Our medium term objective is to become one of the premier companies offering third party real estate services in the Americas, providing both quality in our services and in the return to an investor.
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