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Smith Bros. Floors Ltd.
7128 Fairmount Dr. S.E. Calgary, Alberta, T2H 0X4
Honesty and Integrity. These are the two words that reveal volumes about a business and in some cases are the foundation for success. It is those two words that you hear over and over again throughout the history of Smith Bros. Floors Ltd. established in 1918 here in Calgary. There is nothing fancy about being honest. There is nothing superficial about having integrity. They are two principals that customers respect, rely on and seek. Yet, most business owners won’t say that being honest and having integrity are the key to their success. Smith Bros. Floors will. The ownership of this company, eatablished in Calgary 80 years ago, has passed through three generations of the Smith family. A lot has changed in the business world since 1918. Manpower has become machine power. A contract has replaced a simple handshake. Ledgers have become elaborate computer programs. Business practices do change. Companies do more, do it faster, and are more efficient than ever, but some things don’t and shouldn’t change, and those things are the sound principals of commerce. They can last for generations.
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