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Securelife Insurance Agency Inc. provides all aspects of general insurance for Life, Critical, Disability, Health and Dental, Travel and domestic requirements using only authorized Canadian-based insurers. Our success to date is based on providing high quality, personalized and professional service to our clients throughout Canada. Exceptional personal service and a holistic approach to the insurance needs of our clients are the primary reasons why Securelife Insurance Agency Inc today enjoys a first class reputation and position as a leading insurance broker in Canada.n We offer expert advice on each client's domestic requirements, assess their particular risks and exposures and recommend specific insurance products to cover those risks. Securelife Insurance Agency Inc. provides insurance services to many thousands of clients across Canada. As well as insurance placement for direct Securelife Insurance Agency Inc. Securelife Insurance is at your services 24 hours for 365 days. If you can't get in touch with our local number, give us a call on Toll Free number and our representative will guide you to provide the best possible Insurance at lowest possible premiums.