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7070 11 Street SE Calgary AB, T2H 2W8
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The concept for revolve furnishings developed in the spring of 2003. While managing a local furniture retailer, our founder discovered a gap between what customers wanted and what they could find on the market. It seemed that many clients were bored, uninspired and frustrated with the selection of furniture offered by the current mix of furniture stores. Worse, they were having a difficult time distinguishing one furniture store from the next. Existing furniture stores were conservative, dark environments with quiet elevator music in the background. The stores were relics from the days when furniture was bought for function, not style. Realizing that many clients needed a modern furniture store, revolve furnishings was founded. We created a store with a fun, upbeat atmosphere and the latest fashions in furniture. Walk into the revolve showroom and feel the difference. We are not pretentious like a boutique store, nor are we aggressive like a big-box discounter. Our goal is to treat you the way we want to be treated, with respect and care to your unique design needs.
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