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The principals of North Broadfoot Gribbon Inc. are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and part of that liability program. The AIC is a national governing body that has instituted strict standards and recertification for all its designated members. We have over 40 years of real estate appraisal experience. Why an appraisal by a member of AIC? A real estate appraisal provides an independent objective value of your property. Experience: AIC members earn their designation through supervised appraisal work in the real estate market as well as an extensive university level educational program. The AIC governs its members through a strict code, The Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (CUSPAP). A five year cycle of recertification credits continues and strengthens appraisal techniques. Acceptability: Appraisals performed by AIC members are recognized by lending institutions as well as all levels of Canadian Governments and judicial bodies, among others.
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