Modern Home Furnishings

Modern Home Furnishings
3349 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6R 2B1
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Trends are ephemeral by definition. But the Sales & Management teams of Modern Home Furnishings look beyond designer fads to focus on the anchor of timeless furnishings—solid wood. Alongside the occasional cushy sofa or hammock woven from repurposed slinkys, their showrooms exhibit well-made pieces for every room of the house, reliably crafted from woods including pine, alder, and parawood. Most of the sturdy furnishings—from stools to bed-frames—can be customized with a choice of 16 shades of wood stain and hardware accents. More importantly, most of our furniture line is manufactured in Surrey, BC, Canada. Furniture is the vital ingredient that makes your house your home, a real expression of your style and individuality. It's only natural you should demand the very best for your money, with customer service that's second to none. Different reasons why to choose
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