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425 Innisfil Street Barrie, ON, L4N 3H1

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When you contact Loudon Electric, you can expect above-and-beyond, honest and friendly service from the company's owner and operator. My main focus has been to work in the most professional manner and I have always considered customer service the main priority. During my tenure in Muskoka I have had long term professional relationships with seasonal residents who are very discerning clientele. Working in a demanding environment like this has allowed me to exceed in an area where the absolute highest expectations of the customer are anticipated and met. I now bring this same level of quality to my own business. I am able to provide my customers with an even higher level of service because I have complete control over all operations. It is not only extremely important to provide the customer with the highest quality of service, but in my opinion, to have a comfortable and relaxed relationship – one with a 'small town' feel.
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