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Leaside Electric Incorporated.
77 Bessborough Dr. Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3J2

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As the decade of development (1970s) was nearing completion, the Toronto electrical industry was about to witness the fall of a local industry giant. C.J. Wilson, one of the largest electrical contracting companies in the GTA at the time, was under new management and a decision to change their business philosophy created turbulence throughout its workforce. Today, the GTA is a booming metropolis hub for business, industry, and recreation. Leaside Electric continues to grow with the city to meet our client demands. To better serve our clients, our company is divided into four divisions, which also allows our experts to focus on their areas of expertise. Our staff are enthusiastic about growth in both the city and the Company, and are unwilling to sacrifice quality or client satisfaction levels. This outlook has earned Leaside Electric an excellent reputation with our business partners and clients.
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