Joe Walsh Bedrock Financial Group Inc.

Joe Walsh Bedrock Financial Group Inc.
1935 Leslie Street Toronto, ON M3B 2M3
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Hi, my name is Joe Walsh. I'm a Toronto mortgage broker and I've helped both individuals and businesses all across Canada locate and secure mortgages. Unlike many brokers that advertise "Today's Best Rates" to you, I'm here to tell you its not quite that easy. You see mortgage rates are constantly changing so you need a mortgage broker who is informed. There is no guarantee that you will qualify for an advertised rate, or you will be comfortable with the terms or prepayment privileges. (for instance, there are a few lenders that offer a low rate, but if you need to pay the mortgage out early, the cost is prohibitive. The mortgage market is a moving target with constantly changing rates and programs to consider. Failure to stay on top of the market can lead to decisions that cost you money. And with 100's of lenders available, it’s almost impossible for an individual to successfully navigate the market for the best deal on their own.
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