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Welcome to our very own Air Book – our web album of ideas to make your space healthier! We are talking about a brand that deals with comfort and the basic life necessities that drives us all. Air, water and temperature. With Home Star, you finally have a worthy partner in heating and air conditioning needs. The very vibe, the very feel and the very aura of your home or space, come together here. We proudly serve the Greater Toronto Area and have been for the past 20 years. The quality of air surrounding a person dictates his or her basic well-being and health status in life. Also, staying indoors for prolonged periods can lead to a stifling environment and health implications on the negative side. Yet, with Home Star all these points are put to rest. We do not deal with technology alone; we deal with the goodness of the most natural resource and its most natural use for your health benefits. We deal with good air.