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The founder, Doug Hesje, started in Birch Hills, SK. He began building of small cabins for the Prince Albert National Park. These cabins had small floor areas and required special planning and designing to make the cabin functional. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens had to be fit in a sixteen by twenty-four square foot cabin. Doug developed knowledge and skill in plumbing and electrical as there was a need to do this work as the cabin was built. Later in the cabinet business, knowledge of working in small areas became a big asset, especially in the kitchen remodelling where small areas are common. The cabin business soon turned into a cabinet making venture. A fourty foot by fifty foot building was converted into a cabinet shop in Rural Birch Hills. The business grew and later the old Palm Dairy Building in Prince Albert, SK was purchased and remodeled to accommodate the cabinet shop. In 2008, Hesje Cabinets won the Heritage Award for restoring the building and making it a functional space. Later that same year, a new addition was constructed at the back of the original building to make more space for expansion. Today Hesje Cabinets employs eight to ten full-time employees. We take great pride in our ability to custom build uniquely designed kitchens while at the same time providing personal designing time with our customers.
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