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Whether planning for retirement, investing money or obtaining family protection, the choices can be daunting. How can you ensure that you are making the right choices and the best arrangements for your circumstances? No matter what your age, status, or situation, you’re capable of taking charge of your finances. Whether you’re 20 or 80; single or married; climbing the corporate ladder or raising a family full-time, you can do it. At Godfrey-Morrow our Account Executives will guide you through the complexities of the financial planning maze. During initial discussions with you, either at our office or in your home, your main priorities will be ascertained and a customized report with our recommendations will then be prepared. These recommendations will be explained so that you can make a decision armed with all the facts, in the knowledge that all of the options available have been thoroughly researched on your behalf. Godfrey-Morrow service does not finish there. We are available all year round to offer continued advice and support so that as your situation changes your financial management adapts to keep your finances in the best possible shape.
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