Gestion Immobilière Dufour Cinq-Mars Ltée

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Gestion Immobilière Dufour Cinq-Mars Ltée
1535 Chemin Ste-Foy Bureau 200, Québec QC G1S 2P1
| Property Management |
As soon as the management contract is concluded, Dufour Cinq-Mars Ltée turns over the operation of the property to one of its experienced project managers - someone with a proven record in property management. That very day the manager takes the necessary steps to transfer the operation with a minimum of delay. All of the lessees are notified of the changes immediately. During the first few days, we proceed to a detailed evaluation of personnel and equipment needs and we put in place the people needed to take over the management tasks without any break in the administration. We rapidly evaluate the quality of various employees such as the janitor service and rental agents; all this is done as soon as possible.
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