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Foster Heating & Cooling has been part of enormous growth and industry innovation since its inception in 1928. Over the years, the one-person company, started by Nels Foster, has grown to the present team of office workers, technicians, and sales & service personnel dedicated to customer satisfaction. Foster’s was the first company on the island to install and service a residential heat pump and it remains their specialty to this day. Air conditioning hadn’t even been heard of when Nels Foster was just starting out. A machinist by trade, he worked mainly in the area of refrigeration for restaurants. After World War II, it became necessary to properly preserve blood supplies in blood banks and hospitals which further enhanced the refrigeration process. Air conditioning was also invented shortly after the war, and Foster adapted to the needs of the times. He installed Victoria's first AC system in the Royal Jubilee Hospital's maternity ward, where Foster’s still does some work to this day. Several years ago, co-owners Jim Crumb & Dwayne Melanson expanded into the Cowichan & Comox Valleys, purchasing Westisle Heating & Cooling. Westisle is a major supplier of Residential and Commercial HVAC installations and 24 hour service
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