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Chris Allard Mortgage Team
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About Chris Allard. Mortgage broker Chris Allard and his team of mortgage agent professionals have the training and expertise to help borrowers with all types of mortgage needs throughout the greater Ottawa area and beyond. Whether you have bruised credit, are buying your first home or investing in real estate, or are seeking a better mortgage rate when the time comes to refinance, we can help. Our team of licensed mortgage agents is passionate about what we do and want nothing more than to help you navigate the home buying or refinancing process and secure the best possible outcome. We will work with you to assess your individual circumstances in order to find you the best possible rates and terms while educating you about the process. In fact, Chris Allard’s vast experience as a mortgage broker means he can get you offers with over 50 financial institutions. Every lender offers several different mortgage products, which means Chris and his team of mortgage agents will make sure a mortgage caters to your needs while also ensuring you get a competitive rate.
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