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At Boft Fine Rugs, we offer carpets woven in the same manner they have been made for thousands of years. Hand-knotted rugs are not only beautiful, they are hard-wearing, and eco-friendly, made without the use of any machinery from all-natural materials. We specialize in Persian (Iranian) rugs, and offer a wide variety of fine and rare carpets – including antique, semi-antique, and new pieces, made in wool, wool and silk, or pure silk. Each piece displays the quality and workmanship of a true Persian original. These are carpets that have been made for centuries and are designed to last for generations
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Best Rug store ever

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Greg Bromby

Have been in to Boft Rugs for a few months and have purchased several tribal rugs. This is how a Persian Rug store should look. Having been to Iran many years ago and saw where and how these beauties are made Ali and his staff have hit this out of the park. You must see this place to understand Persian Rugs. I Love this Store.