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1551 Caterpillar Rd Mississauga, ON
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All AyA's cabinets are dowel constructed for a strong, sturdy and perfectly square cabinet, every time. Aya's just-in-time manufacturing philosophy allows us to offer fully integrated veneer finished ends and colour matched edge banding on the face of every cabinet. The result: seamless colour, inside and out. It also means real choice – white or maple interiors and no-added urea formaldehyde particle board or plywood options. AyA manufactures all of its wood doors in-house to ensure the highest possible quality standards. Premium oak, maple and cherry components are assembled into over 30 different door styles, from the very traditional to ultra contemporary. With a capacity of over 1000 doors per day, and thousands of door style, species, colour and size combinations, AyA has fused fine craftsmanship with the best of modern manufacturing.
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