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1800 Garage Doors
47 Colborne St, Toronto, ON M5E 1E3
1800 Garage Doors repairs all types of garage doors in Toronto and the GTA. We have been in business since 1999 and have very extensive experience and a skilled team. Causes and types of malfunctions of different types of automatic doors Although modern gate systems belong to the category of durable and technically reliable structures, there are a number of reasons why automatic gates need repair and service with scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. The main causes of malfunctions that may require the help of specialists are: - Errors in the operation of the gate system; - Wear and tear of parts and components due to active or prolonged use; - Violation of the technology of manufacturing, installation, previous repair or maintenance of the gate; - The influence of negative environmental factors - snow, rain, ice, debris, dirt, etc; - Man-made influences - voltage fluctuations, other failures in the power supply system; - Accidental or intentional mechanical damage. Under the influence of the above causes in the automatic garage, industrial and entrance gates can be breakdowns of two types - mechanical (warping, creaking, uneven movement, surface defects) and damage to the automation. It is worth noting that timely maintenance of automatic gates significantly reduces the cost of their repair and the frequency of malfunctions. That's what 1800 Garage Doors is all about - we fix all possible gate malfunctions. Why are we here? We registered on Prosforhome to enhance the reputation of our company and to attract new customers. We hope that adding our company to this directory will benefit our business and we will be able to help even more people.
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