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845 King Edward St Winnipeg MB R3H 0P8
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Ye Olde Hearth Shoppe has been open, providing quality products and installations since 2002 and are jointly owned and operated with Ye Olde Soot Sweepers, a chimney sweep company that has been in business for well over 25 years. We have always promoted excellent customer service matched with a wide range of products. All of our staff is well trained and can answer any questions that come their way and teach you on how your fireplace, stove or insert operates and the little tips and tricks to make sure you can enjoy your new centerpiece for years to come. We pride our selves in creating a welcoming environment and look for ways to get you the perfect unit in the price range that suits your needs. We carry seven high quality and attractive lines that give a wide range in looks and styles. Since new styles become available at a moments notice, we continually search for those unique and fashionable styles that might not be found anywhere else in Manitoba. Hearthstone is one of our newest lines that focuses on wood and gas stoves and insterts. The main style of this line is their hand crafted soapstone units. These soapstone creations are beautiful pieces of natural stone with cast iron frames. Each stove is hand essembled and signed to ensure that the quality is always present and that each stone is perfectly matched in colour and grain. The beauty of the soapstone almost outweighs its efficiency and heating capacity. Natural stone is very different from cast iron or plated steel, it holds the heat for an additional 4 hours after it's standard burn time of 8 hours in the woodburning stoves. That's a handy feature when it comes to maintaining an even temperture during the burn and, more specifically, allowing you to sleep in a little later on the weekends before throwing some more wood on the coals. For more information on this brand, please check out our latest news update.
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