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Mississauga, ON
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Sf Stone Construction is a company that specializes in the building of solid homes, renovation and improvement of residential and commercial projects of Toronto, MISSISSAUGA, (GTA in Ontario), since 1993 (started in Germany). We renovate: homes, town-houses, condos and commercial projects such as renovation of Dental Offices and Medical Clinics in GTA. We deal with all kind of flooring: laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone, bamboo, mosaic, hardwood, cork, stairs, dry wall, ceiling, painting, decorations and PLUMBING. Please consider our Unique Basement Renovation system with self levelling Estrich-Floor from Lafarge (Holland), as well as Hydraulic Heated Floor from "Rehau" (Germany), Aquabrass Plumbing Fixtures (Italy), Doors from Germany with seamless hinges and more.
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