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3000 McGillivray Blvd Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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For more than ten years, Charles Wiebe has been building outdoor escapes in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. No stranger to manual labour, the Southern-Manitoba-born boy grew up around home construction and renovations,learning how to work (and work hard) from his father. In 2009, he and his wife Sharenda founded Form & Function Developments, a design-build company and platform from which they have been able to enjoy extending and sharpening their passion for design and architecture. More recently, in the territory of new home construction. The newly re-branded Form & Function Outdoor is the arm of the company that focuses exclusively on outdoor lighting, deck, and fence projects, and has quickly become one of Winnipeg’s foremost respected and trusted names in the industry. When the summer construction season comes to a close, Charles and Sharenda trade their hardhats for toques and continue making Winnipeg a more beautiful place to live, owning and operating The Christmas Light Guys.
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