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860 Progress Avenue, Scarborough ON M1H 2X5
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Over 50 years ago, three craftsmen started Barwood Flooring. They saw a demand in the city for the most innovative and fashion forward flooring and delivered it. That was parquet flooring. We may scratch our heads at the style today, but back in 1956, it was the most popular flooring in the city. They began importing and installing and soon enough, they also jumped on the manufacturing end of the process. Since then, Barwood Flooring expanded it’s services to include many types of hardwood, styles and LEED rating points. Today Barwood Flooring continues it’s legacy of craftsmanship with impressive flooring and a never-say-no attitude. With experience as deep as it’s passion. Barwood sees each project as unique, requiring the level of dedication of which the founders would be proud and approve
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